Draft Beer 2: #CelebrateSmallMoments With The Newly Packaged Draft Beer

Proudly presented by Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia, Draft Beer 2 with a more compact packaging is excellent for celebrating every small moment anytime and anywhere.

Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia (BHBI) has once again made a breakthrough by introducing Draft Beer 2 (Two) packed in 220ml pint bottles. Draft Beer 2 maintains optimal beer freshness and thus, making it the perfect thirst-quencher for all occasions. Even when the weather is warm, Draft Beer 2 still retains its ultimate freshness possible.

“The launch of Draft Beer 2 aligns with the character of BHBI that strives for innovation so that high-quality beers are accessible for all domestic and foreign beer connoisseurs. Through its new packaging, Draft Beer 2 offers our consumers an elevated experience in enjoying the beer’s real flavor, especially when drinking it outdoors,” said Erwin Ruffin, Marketing Manager, Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia.

Taking a good swig of beer in the great outdoors provides more challenges compared to enjoying it indoors. When drinking a bottle of beer outdoors, its freshness heavily relies upon the air temperature and how it is consumed. The higher the air temperature and the longer the beer is held, its freshness tends to disappear faster.

“I find that beer is refreshing by nature so that I would enjoy a beer a little bit more outside. I love playing golf, and when I am in the field, I usually bring a few bottles along in my golf cart. It is just that beer freshness, when served outdoors, usually don’t last long. It may get worse when the weather is warm,”stated Bam Mastro, Beer Connoisseur and Vocalist of Elephant Kind.

Daniel To, Brewmaster, Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia explained: “Enjoying a beer in an outdoor setting presents its challenge. We are accustomed to holding the beer bottle with our fist when enjoying it outdoors. When the beer is exposed to hot weather and sunlight, its temperature rises relatively faster, and its freshness eventually decreases. The beer that you are holding is close to getting skunked even before it is finished. Therefore, Draft Beer 2, with its compact packaging, is the answer to this challenge.”

Draft Beer 2 is a new addition to the Draft Beer series: Draft Beer 3 (Three) packed in 330ml cans, 5 (Five) packed in 500ml cans, and 6 (Six) packed in 620ml pint bottles. Launched in 1988, Draft Beer is the first beer brewed by Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia. Draft Beer is an extraordinary session pale lager with 4.9% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) that is comprised of Pilsen malt and German Hercules hops.

#CelebrateSmallMoments with Draft Beer 2

As the perfect thirst-quencher for all occasions, Draft Beer 2 invites all beer connoisseur to #CelebrateSmallMoments in life, no matter how small, anytime, and anywhere.

Erwin Ruffin stated: “In BHBI, we believe that all big things often have small beginnings. We sometimes tend to underestimate the influence of small moments. The birth of Draft Beer is a real example that we should be grateful for small moments because that is where the bigger journey begins. Draft Beer was born out of our founder’s small moment who, at the time, desired a barrel of quality beer that could be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.”

“From this humble beginning, Draft Beer becomes a drink that is celebrated at home and admired abroad. It was named Asia’s Best Low Carb Beer by the World Beer Awards in 2012 and received the Bronze Medal from the Australian International Beer Award in 2019,” Erwin Ruffin continued.

Bam Mastro strongly believes that as an individual, we should take our time to #CelebrateSmallMoments.

“Seemingly small moments may have a big impact should we be thankful because great things are done by a series of small moments brought together. It is easy to appreciate small moments; the key is always to be thankful for the little moments,” said Bam Mastro.

Beer is Bam’s ultimate choice of drink to #CelebrateSmallMoments with his peers, especially when he is in the great outdoors.

“After the release of an album or even after a gig, I usually wrap it with a little celebration tagging my inner circle along. #CelebrateSmallMoments like this become even easier with Draft Beer 2. Its compact packaging maintains optimal beer freshness from the very first to the last sip,” closed Bam Mastro.

Draft Beer 2 is now available at your nearest outlets. Enjoy Draft Beer 2 responsibly.

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