Implementing Multi-Brand Strategy in Indonesia, Plateno Group Presents The Eastern LAVANDE Bojonegoro

After introducing 7Days Premium in 2018, Plateno Group finally presents LAVANDE and the Group promises that more hotel brands are coming to Indonesia.

Plateno Group is strengthening its commitment to revolutionize the future of the hotel industry in Indonesia by presenting The Eastern LAVANDE Bojonegoro, introducing its mid-scale hotel brands and localizing its customer-oriented strategy. The Group partners with PT Graha Persada Internasional for the establishment of The Eastern LAVANDE Bojonegoro.

A Strategic Cooperation Partner Agreement between Plateno Group and PT Graha Persada Internasional has been announced on 20 March 2019 at The East, Mega Kuningan for the realization of this project. The construction of The Eastern LAVANDE Bojonegoro is scheduled to commence on Q1 2019 and ready to welcome its first guest in Q3 2019.

“Together with PT Graha Persada Internasional, Plateno Group will bring a four-star hotel to Bojonegoro in response to Indonesia’s rapid economic development and rising demand for modern quality hotels with exceptional characteristic and hospitality. LAVANDE is a brand that combines lavender element, fragrance culture and hospitality. With its philosophy of ‘More than comfort’, LAVANDE aims to create a relaxing and comfortable living atmosphere when its guests are away from home,” said Ali Yang, Business Development Manager, Plateno Indonesia.

“Customers nowadays are drawn to hotel brands that communicate a sense of purpose and that’s what LAVANDE does. We are positive that once The Eastern LAVANDE Bojonegoro is open for public, the hotel will be widely accepted in the community because it showcases its sense of purpose through its holistic costumer service offering, such as incorporating lavender aroma to awake our guest’s senses and also smart devices to assist our guest during their stay,” said Tavip, Project Director, PT Graha Persada Internasional.

The introduction of LAVANDE to the Indonesian market is part of Plateno Group long-term multi-brand strategy, which is based on a two-pronged principal: light asset and glocalization. The two-pronged principal has made Plateno Group as one of the most influential hotel management enterprises in China with more than 100 million members and over 5,500 hotels across 470 destinations.

“The light asset principle means that franchise management is the main focus. With experience in developing hotels around the world, Plateno Group partners can save nearly 30% of hotel operating cost, 50% of hotel construction cost and enjoy extra benefit from the significant brand effect,” said Ms. Lynn Liao, Director of Operations, Plateno Group – International Department.

Ms. Lynn Liao continued: “The glocalization principle is rooted from the customer-centric strategy, and reflects Plateno Groups effort to respect the local market and listen to its needs, while adhering to global standards in the key parts of the hotel, to ensure the quality of the product.”

Strategically cooperated with Jinjiang group in 2015, Plateno and Jinjiang Group is currently the second largest International hotel group in the world. Plateno introduced 7Days Premium Hotel into Indonesia market last year to prove its commitment to Indonesia. Besides 7Days Premium and LAVANDE, Plateno will introduce more brands, especially its distinctive mid-scale brands into this market, due to the increasing demand of Indonesian customers.

More than just Bali and Jakarta, Plateno Group believes that Indonesia hospitality industry has a bright future and opportunities. There is a steady increase in the number of domestic travellers in Indonesia. As of 2017, there were 271 million domestic travellers in comparison to 255 million in 2015. World Travel and Tourism Council announced that Indonesia’s tourism growth ranked ninth in 2018. There were 15.8 million international tourists visiting Indonesia in 2018 – a 12.6% increase from the previous year.

“With population of 260 million people and GDP growth in excess of 5% a year as well as a large and growing middle-class consumer base, Indonesia attractiveness has been compared to pre-boom China three decades ago,” said Ali Yang.

Bojonegoro is now in the midst of a mini economic boom following the discovery of major new oil fields in 2005. The oil finds have since become the biggest oil discovery in Indonesia and one of the biggest oil reserves in Indonesia. With a population of about 1.5 million, Bojonegoro is a regency in East Java located over 100 km west of Surabaya and was previously known as a major producer of teak and tobacco.

The Eastern LAVANDE Bojonegoro will feature 112 rooms and suites, a ballroom for up to 200 persons and auxiliary meeting rooms. There will be several food and beverage outlets including an all-day dining café, an upscale hotel bar and lounge, function rooms, an outdoor infinity swimming pool, a well-equipped gym and a spa centre.

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