Introducing Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter

The first-ever color-changing Beautyblender® that makes your makeup routine fun again

Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter has finally arrived in Indonesia. The new Beautyblender® features temperature-activated technology that allows this baby to change color from a gorgeous lilac to a powder blue when soaked in warm or cold water.

“We are proud to introduce the new Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter. Despite being one of the world’s best-selling sponge, we discover that there are a lot of people out there using this makeup sponge dry. Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter serves as a fun reminder that wetting your sponge before use is indeed important to ensure dewy and flawless finish. The sponge changes color when soaked with water. It starts out lilac, but run it under warm water, and it turns powder blue. It also comes embossed with the words ‘wet me’”, stated Revata Pingkan, Representative of PT Duta Pesona Jaya, Beautyblender® Exclusive Distributor for Indonesia.

Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter is designed with aqua-activated™ material, which mimics real pores when damp, letting makeup products bounce easily on skin for a natural, airbrush-looking finish. Damp Beautyblender® also ensures makeup products land on your complexion, not your sponge. Latex-free, scent-free and cruelty-free, Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter is the new addition to the big Beautyblender® family that was conceptualized in 2002 by Rea Ann Silva.

“When I want flawless and dewy complexion makeup on my clients, I usually rely on two things: Beautyblender® for the base and airbrush gun for the finishing touch. Beautyblender® texture is so soft especially when damp. Simply wet, squeeze and bounce the sponge for a near-airbrushed finish. Never use your fingers when applying foundation as you can wind up with streaks and patchiness. Instead, use Beautyblender® to gently bounce the foundation onto the skin. Beautyblender® gives you the closest thing to an airbrushed makeup look without the hassle”, said Ivanda Cherlin, Professional Makeup Artist.

Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter is best to use when damp – it will expand twice in size, become even softer. Wet the sponge with water for each use, squeeze out excess liquid, bounce foundation or any other complexion product across the face for flawless result. Remember to cleanse with Blendercleanse® after each use and replace it every 3 months or when there are nicks and tears.

“Even if you’re a makeup newbie, Beautyblender® is a goof-proof way to a flawless face. Adding Beautyblender® to your everyday face makeup routine can save you time as you can achieve a flawless makeup look in just under a minute,” closed Revata Pingkan.

Handcrafted in the USA, Beautyblender® WAVE ShadeShifter is exclusively available in Sephora online website, mobile app and in stores near you. Its recommended retail price is IDR 350,000.