Strategically located in South Jakarta, the first Lambretta dealer in Indonesia aims to provide Lambretthusiast Indonesia with a premium customer experience.

Lambretta and PT Skuter Motor Indonesia (PT SMI) as the authorized distributor of Lambretta scooters in Indonesia have officially opened Lambretta Jakarta – the first Lambretta’s official dealer in Indonesia. Located at Jl. Ampera Raya no. 4A in Jakarta, the 280-m2 dealer is more than just a showroom.

“Lambretta Jakarta demonstrates the commitment and enthusiasm for the growth of Lambretta’s future in Indonesia. More than just a showroom because it is a ‘casa’ for Lambretthusiast from all around Indonesia to celebrate one of the world’s finest scooters,” said Ade Sulistioputra, CEO, PT Brum Brum (the parent company of PT SMI).

“The satisfaction and comfort of Lambretthusiast is the main priority of Lambretta Jakarta. Being Lambretta’s first official dealer in Indonesia, the design of this newly-built facility is vibrant and classy – resonating with Lambretta’s true character. It also offers customers 3S (sales, services and spare parts),” stated Adrianus Donny, Marketing Manager, PT SMI.

Ade Sulistioputra has added there will be 10 dealers across Java and Bali by 2020 – ready to provide premium service and quality experience for Lambretthusiast in these respective areas.

Launched in Indonesia earlier this year, PT Skuter Motor Indonesia as the authorized distributor of Lambretta scooters in Indonesia is currently handing over the keys of Lambretta V-Special to their owners. One of Lambretthusiasts who has welcomed its own Lambretta V-Special is Monica Pangkey from Jakarta. She bought Lambretta V125 Special in Blue Mint Supergloss.

“Lambretta V125 Special is my first scooter ever. For a first-time scooter owner like me, the presence of Lambretta Jakarta provides peace of mind because access to after-sales services, including the distribution of genuine parts, has become easier,” said Monica Pangkey, owner of Lambretta V125 Special.

After-sales service, including spare parts supply for Lambretta V-Special, is available for seven days a week: Monday-Friday 10.00 – 19.00, Saturday 9.00 – 17.00, Sunday 7.00 – 14.00

For all inquiries regarding the after-sales service of Lambretta V-Special, please call 0817 6901 947 or (021) 2780 8399 or reach out to Lambretta Indonesia Instagram @lambrettaid.

Interested to be part of the growth of Lambretta in Indonesia?

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About PT Skuter Motor Indonesia

Established in 2018, PT Skuter Motor Indonesia (SMI) is a subsidiary of PT Brum Brum with its main focus to become a two-wheeler mobility solution. PT SMI presents the legendary Italian scooter brand, Lambretta. Started its production in 1947, Lambretta inherits a long story of passion, tradition and an unstoppable desire of innovation. The name ‘Lambretta’ is originated from the river Lambro that flows through Lambrate, the location of Lambretta original factory. Lambro is derived from Lambrus, which means light in weight, quick and nimble – the distinct characteristics of Lambretta.