The pre-order season for Lambretta V-Special commences today. Limited unit of Lambretta V-Special will be ready to hit the road in August 2019. What are you waiting for, Lambretthusiast? Let’s order now.

It’s official: Lambretta is back in Indonesia under the umbrella of PT Skuter Motor Indonesia (SMI) – the authorized distributor of Lambretta scooters in Indonesia.

Celebrating its comeback, Lambretta introduces Lambretta V-Special that will hit the road in August 2019. Lambretthusiast are able to pre-order the unit at Telkomsel Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) starting on Thursday, 25 April 2019 or through an online application.

“Strong demand for Lambretta’s comeback by Indonesian Lambretthusiast and the magnitude of Lambretta as a brand are the main reasons as to why PT Skuter Motor Indonesia is determined to reintroduce Lambretta in Indonesia. More than just an ordinary scooter brand, Lambretta is a lifestyle brand with a long story of passion, legacy and an unstoppable desire of innovation,” said Ade Sulistioputra, CEO, PT Brum Brum (the parent company of PT SMI).

Lambretta was first introduced in 1947 by Ferdinando Innocenti. Being a visionary leader, Innocenti desired a simple, robust and affordable vehicle. It had to be easy to drive for both men and women, be able to carry a passenger and not get its driver’s clothes soiled. More than 40 years later, the vision of Innocenti is thoroughly manifested in the design of Lambretta V-Special.

“Embracing its predecessor’s distinctive feature, Lambretta V-Special has a tubular frame design with superior engine chassis geometry. The engine is positioned right in the middle of the chassis to ensure vehicle stability. Equipped with a boxy elongated body and hexagonal LED lights, Lambretta V-Special uses the iconic Italian-style alloy wheels to retain its retro quirkiness,” stated Adrianus Donny, Marketing Manager, PT SMI.

Back again after more than 40 long years of hibernation, Lambretta introduces the Lambretta V200 and V125 Special manufactured by Lambretta GmbH.

In addition to hexagonal LED lights, Lambretta V200 and V125 Special are decked out with a pair of LED indicator, a glove box with 12 V charging socket, LED-based tail light and an extensive luggage capacity under the seats. With an analog speedometer to strengthen its classic impression, Lambretta V200 and V125 Special are complimented with an informative digital navigation screen that displays RPM information, Voltmeter and clock.

Lambretta V200 is quoted at IDR 52,500,000 (OTR Jakarta) and V125 is IDR 44,500,000 (OTR Jakarta) with a series of stylish color choices:

V200 Special are available in black high gloss, white high gloss and red high gloss

V125 Special are available in orange super gloss, blue mint super gloss and grey super gloss

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